The Mental Illness Taboo

Here’s something I bet most of you don’t know about me. About one year ago, I started seeing a therapist. There are lots of reasons I decided to go, many of which I… Continue reading

A New Normal

I spent four months reporting on Central American immigration, localizing the issue to Indiana. It’s still a work in progress, but here’s what I have to show for it. Please give it a… Continue reading

Iowa Overview

In the beginning of January, I was offered a temporary position with the Associated Press as a legislative relief staffer in Des Moines, Iowa. That means I’m helping out with coverage during the… Continue reading

Monday Musings

In coming home, you realize you’ve grown up by not growing up at all. You see everything you once thought you believed being questioned. You experience difference in spurts rather than in gradual… Continue reading

A Lesson from 18-Year-Old Me

I’m a week away from heading back to IU for my last semester of undergrad, and needless to say my emotions associated with this reality are all over the place. Excitement to see… Continue reading

A Peruvian Snapshot

I’ve somehow stumbled into July to find myself with less than two weeks left in Lima, and I’ve realized it’s been difficult to accurately convey my time abroad to my friends and family… Continue reading

The Heart of the Amazon

My trip to the Amazon Rainforest was definitely one for the books. I don’t have the vocabulary to accurately describe my experience, nor the talent to delve into the complexity of the region… Continue reading

The Joy of Living

I’ll keep this post short and sweet. I am falling in love with everything I do and everyone I meet and all that this experience offers me. With the simplicity of living and… Continue reading

Perception vs. Reality

Nearly every Peruvian I meet asks me the same questions. What was my opinion of Peru before I came here? What are my thoughts on the poverty I’ve seen? Why did you decide… Continue reading

A Bucket of Lists

A wise man recently told me not to overthink the change I’m going through—to relax and reflect, but not to get caught up in thinking that this change needs to be radical. It… Continue reading