Saying Goodbye to London

I have two days left in London. Two days to see everything I haven’t seen. Two days to buy all the knickknacks I neglected to buy earlier in the trip. Two short days to say goodbye to this city I’ve slowly but surely grown attached to.

I’m really starting to realize, though, that it’s the small things I’m going to miss the most.

Like mindlessly navigating the tube to get myself to the office in the morning.

Buying Kit Kats at Anglo American during class breaks—which, by the way, are so much better than the Kit Kats in the US.

Sitting at work all day, pinning on Pinterest like a madwoman, sending incessant emails to my friends who are also hard at work.

Nuzzling. Enough said.

Having the opportunity to travel to surrounding countries for so cheap. In the US, I can’t even travel from Chicago to Bloomington for as cheap as it was to go from London to Paris—there’s something wrong with that picture.

Superficial though it sounds, the shopping. I’ve found my niche here, and it’ll be so depressing to leave.

Learning to cook at a snail-like pace, but learning to cook nevertheless. I mean, before I came here, I hadn’t so much as touched raw meat, let alone cooked it, but now I’m putting together meals like a pro (or so I’d like to think).

Listening to the man at the fruit stand in front of my office shout in this unrecognizable tone I wouldn’t even know how to describe.

Random flat nights to go out dancing or to eat out at an American diner (which had Kit Kat milkshakes, a dream come true).

Stopping for a drink after work, just because I can, at pubs where famous writers once frequented.

Complaining about the tea cups in 50 Shades of Grey.

Having the ability to hop on the tube or a bus and end up in an area of the city that has yet to be explored.

Heading home to Ability Towers and never knowing what to expect. I mean, after the time we walked in to our entire ceiling dripping, you just never know.

Booty bumpin’ on the regz.

The Angel. Ethan at The Angel. Pimms at The Angel. Pitchers at The Angel. Anything and everything to do with The Angel.

Quoting Bridesmaids in every situation that arises.

Having people mistake you for being French. Or Italian. Or Australian. I’M AMERICAN. Get it right.

Nando’s Chicken. Chicken Cottage. Beigels. Pret Chips out the wazoo. City Supermarket. Sainsbury. FOOD.

Seeing sights that are simply beautiful on a daily basis, like Kings Cross, St. Pancras, Tower Bridge, Big Ben, etc.

Sitting in Lincoln’s Inn Fields every afternoon during my lunch break, reading and people watching and taking it all in.

£2 cider 2-liter bottles. Koppaberg. Strawberry beer.

The circuses. Piccadilly Circus and Oxford Circus and Holborn Circus.

Crumpets. And Welsh cakes. And pastries. And Chicken Chips. Everything. Just everything.

Living right down the hall from some of my very best IU friends.

Bopping around in an obnoxious Union Jack hat.

Waking up each morning thinking about how lucky I am to even be in Europe at all.

Meeting random people from all over the world, no matter where you go or what you are doing.

Being called somebody’s “Little Ant” and proceeding to run away.

Watching a Euro 2012 in a pub.

Celebrating the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee in Trafalgar Square, as well as St. James Park, surrounded by Brits.

Dancing to Jbiebz excessively.

Heading to Leicester Square for the UK red carpet premier of The Amazing Spider-Man…a dream come true.

Having London theatre at my fingertips.

I could honestly go on forever. I have made so many memories throughout this trip, and I am grateful for each and every person who helped to make this possible. It has been the summer of a lifetime, without a doubt, and I will never forget it.

*   *   *

“It is difficult to speak adequately or justly of London. It is not a pleasant place; it is not agreeable, or cheerful, or easy or exempt from reproach. It is only magnificent.”