Australia 2011

My freshman year, I was accepted into a journalism course titled Media of Color: Ethnic and Indigenous Media. It essentially explored different minority media outlets both in the United States and internationally, and included spring break travel to Sydney and Alice Springs, Australia to witness aboriginal media firsthand. We spent the first two days in Sydney, where we learned how aboriginal culture remains strong in a modern city. We then moved on to Alice Springs for three days, immersing ourselves in the aboriginal way of life and learning about the difficulties and oppression aborigines face, and how they give themselves a voice through radio. Our final stop on the trip was Uluru, a sacred aboriginal site rich in culture.

To say that this was a life-changing experience is an understatement. The course, and especially the trip itself, completely altered everything I want to do with my career.

We had the opportunity to witness the magnificent rock change color at both sunset and sunrise.