Food For Thought

Two months into my study abroad in Peru and I have yet to post anything about my time here. I guess I was never really sure where to begin. I could go on… Continue reading

Faith & Time: A Tribute to Grandpa

A week and a half ago, I received the heartbreaking news that my grandfather had passed away. After about a month of treatments, procedures and surgeries, he let go of his fight and… Continue reading

Stuck in Limbo

My life has been placed on hold for the past nine weeks. Not literally, of course. I wake up at the exact same time each day, make the hour-long drive to my office… Continue reading

A Year in Review

The end of a year always seems to be a time for personal reflection—combing through the hours, days and months that have led up to these final few moments, attempting to determine if… Continue reading

The Prospect of Peru

So, it happened. I’ve been officially accepted into the Lima semester abroad program through IU for Spring 2013. Well, it’s not technically official. My application still has to go through Pontificia Universidad Católica… Continue reading

Saying Goodbye to London

I have two days left in London. Two days to see everything I haven’t seen. Two days to buy all the knickknacks I neglected to buy earlier in the trip. Two short days… Continue reading

A Weekend in Paris

I’m clearly doing this way out of order, but I just can’t help it. You know how sometimes you experience something so magical, so dreamlike, so perfect, and when it’s over, it feels… Continue reading

This is London

So, ever since I arrived in London, I’ve been having these recurring nightmares—and no, I’m not crazy, I swear. But I keep dreaming that I’m on the plane back to America,and I cannot… Continue reading